Programme Development & Delivery

Analysis, planning, project and programme management, training, go-live, RADAR.

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Architects to Digital Health Success

Over many years we have built an impressive portfolio of clients across the UK that we have partnered with delivering full scale implementations supporting resource planning through to delivery and management. More recently this has included several GDE’s, FF and LHCRE programmes. Implementation services are what we are known for and we always stay focused on the outcome.

We understand the complex demands that are raised during a period of rapid change and development.  We recognise that every client is unique, and we take the time to gain an in-depth understanding of your organisation before recommending a strategy and pathway which is right for you.

Our approach is all about successful results and value for our clients and their patients. We don’t do things for the sake of it, and we always stay focused on delivering the best outcome and associated value and benefits.

You care for your patients. Populo cares for your digital health.

Having supported Darren at Poluo Consulting for some time I’d like to recommend him and his organision for anyof my linkedin network to use their services. As an organisation they are capable of finding the needle in the proverbial haystack when it comes to project skills gaps. Great work Darren. Go check out his record label also.

Wayne Dyson - Healthcare Account Manager
  • Building Successful Outcomes

    Driving change is inevitably about using a range of different services that can be tailored to match the specific nature of both our client, their problem and the desired outcome.

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