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Populo’s 2nd Round Table Dinner evening was held in Manchester last week.   Made up of public and private sector professionals the Round Table Dinners take thought leadership out of the office into a relaxed social environment. As a like-minded peer group focused on change in health and care the attendees discuss and learn from each other.  Sharing knowledge and wisdom outside their usual confines challenges strategic thinking.

For this 2nd dinner chaired by James Norman, Healthcare CIO for EMEA at DellEMC “it was great to get together with colleagues new and old  and work through some pressing issues” he said. “Listening it was clear there is a will to remove obstacles to make change happen as a team”

The delegates were senior leaders across the north west from  Pennine Care, Lancashire and South Cumbria, GM Mental Health and Bridgewater community with some helpful insight from commercial colleagues at Boots, VM Ware and DXC.   Discussions on how to break down cross organisational barriers and to improve citizen health and wellbeing kicked off an evening of interesting debate.


The main problem to sharing information between care providers is not technology but the impact on people.

The group debated a hot topic; what is slowing down the rollout out of new technology?  Many reasons were discussed but management of change seems to be the key.  How to engage with citizens, doctors, nurses and their supporting staff to ensure they have the skills for new ways of working.  Sharing staff across multiple organisations was agreed as a great idea so the pool of talent can support all Trusts.

Technology is only a tool to do their job but the people using the it must understand what it is, how to use it and what benefits it brings.  The NHS and local authorities need to work together better to manage all their stakeholders so they can bring about true transformation .

Not just focusing on the financial savings but looking at improving patient care and reducing clinical risk is also important.  Staff feel strongly about these benefits and want to help improve the wellbeing of citizens by sharing patient and social care records.  The group agreed barriers could be broken and there should be no limit to joint working.  By nurturing the workforce and helping people to transform their workplace everyone agreed investment in training was needed.  But it should be done in partnership with the royal and national colleges.

Darren Mills, Founder and CCO of Populo Consulting agreed to get behind a campaign to professionalise the workforce so they can deliver change.  “ At Populo we believe it’s essential to build a national framework that will support transformation” he said.

The key take away from the evening is the clear impression that leaders are prepared to be bold and innovative by creating a workforce who can take change forward over the next decade and transform the health and wellbeing of our citizens.


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