Our Digital Ecosystem

Integrated Care & Population Health

Focus on exemplars (GDE and LHCRE), STPs and ICSs focusing on integration and interoperability (including integration standards, FHIR/HL7/XDS and OpenEHR).

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Healthcare digital transformation needs the right technology enablers. Populo can help identify ways to leverage existing systems in new ways and when new technology is required. This then creates long term, cost effective and sustainable solutions.

Through working on numerous projects, Populo has developed its own digital ecosystem of high-performance technology partners to support our work and broader digital transformation.

  1. Integration and interoperability
  2. Applied and artificial intelligence such as robotic process automation
  3. Analytics and business intelligence platforms
  4. Data quality and migration
  5. Cyber security solutions
  6. Simulation systems to deliver the evidence to support planning decisions

Populo were committed to providing the Trust with a detailed review, and a subsequent report and debrief, was very thorough in terms of its review and findings. The Populo Consulting staff that came to site to provide the review and debrief were very knowledgeable, professional and were able to understand the project and delivery method with ease. Overall, it was positive for the Trust to be reassured that the approach was correct and thorough.

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Building Successful Outcomes

    Driving change is inevitably about using a range of different services that can be tailored to match the specific nature of both our client, their problem and the desired outcome.

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