Infrastructure & Security

Network redesign, cyber security and resilience, cloud/hosting strategy and migration.

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We are expert consultants in developing positive digital health outcomes. We are always professional and act with our clients’ and their patients’ best interests at heart. We take pride in developing ourselves and others to be the best we can be.


We are passionate about developing digital health outcomes that improve health and care services. We take care in everything thing we do to ensure it is innovative and of the highest quality. We care about customers. We take care of each other.


We take pride in working closely with our customers, to understand them and deliver what they need. We work collaboratively with each other to leverage and develop our skills so we are a high performing team. Our partners are an extension of our team. We are always looking to strengthen our relationships.


We are all about delivering results and value to our clients and their patients. We don’t do things for the sake of it, and we always stay focused on delivering the best outcome, with impeccable service along the way. If we do this we build trust and our reputation.


Darren is one of those characters in the industry that is at the centre of so much and yet never is a ‘credit taker’. He is the consummate connector, an advisor of calm, considered commentary and generally one of the wisest health and social care leaders out there. His experience means he always has a story to tell that adds a new perspective to your need. The Populo round tables that Darren has organised have been highlights of the year, securing enigmatic speakers, listeners and agitators to discuss and share the insight that only those that have ‘bought the t-shirt’ really can. Working with Darren on the round tables has been a joy every time and something I look forward to every time they come into the diary. If you need an advisor with experience, an advisor fearless and unselfish to the extreme and one that can get the answer you need then Darren and the Populo team will be a great place to start.

Rich Corbridge - Chief Information Officer
Boots UK
  • Building Successful Outcomes

    Driving change is inevitably about using a range of different services that can be tailored to match the specific nature of both our client, their problem and the desired outcome.

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