Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Digital Health is never static with new models of care, increasing patient and staff expectations and pressures to leverage technology to find efficiencies and productivity improvements in midst of constant downward pressures on budgets. To be realistic, these pressures will not reduce and if anything, only increase.

Alongside this pressure there is a constant stream of national, regional and local initiatives to improve care. These can often create initiative overload and fail to actually address the challenges faced by individual healthcare organisation. In many ways, they are sometimes perceived to add to the burden.

Populo provides ways to address these challenges by navigating through challenges and accelerating the process of solving them rather than fixing them. We leverage our experience across healthcare to develop the strategies and their benefits followed by solutions that deliver positive change and minimise the disruption that often come with it.

Our experience with digital health allows us to create the strategy, review the readiness, need and gaps that digital health solutions can fill before producing the business cases and, if necessary, helping you procure the right solution.

A big part of what our advisory services do is to leverage the existing systems and infrastructure currently in place and look to improve their configuration, governance around them in order to deliver improvements. It isn’t always about procuring new systems.

We become your advocate in providing the evidence and insight into making the most appropriate decisions with the unbiased and unblinkered approach that you can get from a third party. We can steer you around the pitfalls, question and validate assumptions while ensuring that all stakeholders feel engaged in the decision-making process.

Above all, our approach demonstrates our main philosophy of caring for digital health.

Key functions of the advisory services include:


  • Benchmarking and baselining current states and plans to deliver future states
  • Gap analysis
  • Options development and review
  • Readiness assessments and reviews
  • Digital health transformation
  • Impact assessments and planning

Governance Models – Establish, Launch, Refine and Build Process

Darren is one of those characters in the industry that is at the centre of so much and yet never is a ‘credit taker’. He is the consummate connector, an advisor of calm, considered commentary and generally one of the wisest health and social care leaders out there. His experience means he always has a story to tell that adds a new perspective to your need. The Populo round tables that Darren has organised have been highlights of the year, securing enigmatic speakers, listeners and agitators to discuss and share the insight that only those that have ‘bought the t-shirt’ really can. Working with Darren on the round tables has been a joy every time and something I look forward to every time they come into the diary. If you need an advisor with experience, an advisor fearless and unselfish to the extreme and one that can get the answer you need then Darren and the Populo team will be a great place to start.

Rich Corbridge - Chief Information Officer
Boots UK
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    Driving change is inevitably about using a range of different services that can be tailored to match the specific nature of both our client, their problem and the desired outcome.

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